Sound Therapy: Tuning Forks & Crystal Bowls

Healing with Tuning Forks and Crystal Bowls: The forks/bowls balance both the anatomy of the bio field and the tonal output of body systems. These two processes are conducted simultaneously.

We move forward with the assumption that there is an objective reality of energy congestion within the bio field, and that tuning forks/bowls provide us with a single and relatively easy way of finding it, identifying it through referencing the biofuel anatomy map, and breaking it up by harmonizing it by the physical properties of coherent sound.

Sound plus intention equals healing. Ultimately, the mind plays a huge part in making us well or unwell.

The sequence:

First I will begin by grounding you at the foot chakra, moving to knees, then root chakra. After establishing a connection, I will move sequentially through the chakras, left then right, unifying and harmonizing the energy with sound and vibration, as I go, completing the cycle at the crown chakra. Each chakra will then be reconnected to source and sealed.